Add Atlantean shards to khitai HMs!

I know this has been asked before. But this is something I really belive should be done.

Its no secret that Raid finder is nothing at all but a boring burden brought upon players. We could just dont do it you might say. And well we could, but without progress the game is meaningless and the RF rings really dont give us any choice.

If we could get some shards from dungeon HMs aswell, we would at least be albe to have fun while we play, like we had back in the days.

Just adding shards to HM loot tables, keep in mind my low insight, seems to me like an low effort very high gain update to the game.
On equal level to letting you sign minis in pair.



Ah, here we go again

Here we go again because it just has to be done.


RF should have never be done in the way it is,but here we are

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The biggest issue with RF the way i see it, is he huge incentive to go do somthing so blant and boring.

I have no issue seeing the idea behind it, which if I recall correctly was to let all the newer players see the parts of the game not so accessable. But they really pulled out a terrible move when they did that and put a lenghy important grind in there at the same time.

Guess their fear is that if the incentive isnt as big anymore, no RF will pop again. Thats a red flag in itself.

It should be done simply as a form of progression to getting Veteran of the Trials and Master of the Trials and bring flavour back to the game.

I think that could be implemented with more Unchained questlines of dungeons as well. Thus dungeons could have Solo/ Group Normal and Solo/ Group Unchained. Same dungeons same thing really nothing more because well ‘‘you don’t release alot of new content for free’’ and you can’t make an expansion pack for sale (for old dungeon content upgrade)

So in the end it could be added as a ‘‘gift update of the old content’’ same with 2nd OS gems and the same time release ‘‘A new expansion for sale’’

But i can understand why that’s problematic for funcom since if they do that many questions will be raised like ‘‘why not add more minigame instances’’ or why not introduce ‘‘team matchmaking and tournament system’’ why not add that or that etc etc.

Well no company can develop and release content for free and there is alot of things that should have been added that ‘‘Can be added’’ but ‘‘They can’t make them for sale’’ because they are part of the old content.

They can only do if they have a new surprise for us, like an expansion or so. Shards though could be added into the current content very easy, but i believe they could make a New expansion (b2p) along with the forementioned (f2p content upgrade) ‘‘More attractive’’ if they implemented Shards during that time instead of separately.

Sometimes it’s hard to face the truth


Damn Mori. seems like you got some fans :smiley: