Add Coup de Grace Option on KO'd Thralls' Radial Menu

So killing KO’d thralls always seems to be either way too easy to do by accident, or way too difficult to do intentionally. While I don’t think being able to kill them manually should be removed, what I would like to see is a “coup de grace” option added to the radial menu for thralls that have been knocked-out but not yet broken.

This way, rather than having to flail about like an idiot trying to kill what’s right at our feet, we could instead execute a finishing move and continue on our merry barbaric way.

This would do a few things:

  • Lessen the chance of us killing thralls we don’t mean to via the current method.
  • Make clean-up after a wild n’ crazy Lovetap session a lot cleaner and faster.
  • Look cool.

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