Add funcionality to see where material for a recipe is

Hi devs,

i thought about easening the life of a player like me.

When I want to craft something like on a workbench, there is the types of ingedients needed displayed.
Like if you need 5 wood for example to craft an object A.

I would find it very practical that a small tooltip box appears when hovering over the wood sign in this case, which tells me where I have got how much wood stored…

For instance the tooltip box says this:

50x wood - in Treasure Box A
5x wood - at blacksmith bench
1x wood - firebowl cauldron

then I’d know where to go to get these ingredients. Most of the times i find myself just walking outside again and chopping new wood, only to find out later on that I had 50 in my treasure box A.

Would make lifes easier.

To make this RP-technically meaningful you could say that you need to craft an inventory list first, which needs to be in your inventory so that the tooltip appears. … you know, to be RP logical :wink:


I know the pain of having loads of stuff stored around several bases.

One thing I’ve found useful is having separate storage boxes for different materials. So a box of wood is next to a carpenter’s bench, and I don’t store wood elsewhere. A box of metal bars is next to a blacksmith’s bench, and I don’t store metal bars elsewhere. If my armorer or carpenter needs metal bars, I go pick those bars from the box near the blacksmith’s bench because I know that’s where things are. Herbs go to a box next to the alchemist’s cauldron, etc.

No lists needed, just logic and consistency.


I never understood why a thrall couldn’t actually craft so long as you have a box within a certain radius of a bench, most workers irl or anywhere go and get the materials for the projects they need themselves. Then all that you’d need is a warehouse within the radius or a storeroom somewhere in that thrall’s building that they could just gather the ingredients from.


This is what I do also.

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Personally I like to ‘label’ them by placing a sign above them. For example wood, world boss legendaries, potions, spare crafting stations, etc. Like this…


I like this idea for non crafting ingredients :slight_smile: I’m going to use it. But I’d still like to see thralls able to grab materials from storage bins from a certain distance from their bench. Say like a horizontal access of 5 building tiles or so, and a height of 10 since we store things above or beneath them sometimes, though I don’t know how hard that would be to code. It would make sense since we did already go out of our way to grab said crafting ingredients

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