Add gems to the game, open up all sorts of new possibilities

could be fun to add more religious elements into the game, and jewelry could be another means to do this.
Protective amulets, potions, crowns/headdresses, etc.

Add gems to the game -
diamonds having a small chance to be found when mining coal
coral scattered (like branches) along the eastern coast, with nodes underwater there
perhaps other precious gems with different “attunements” that could offer protection against cold or heat when placed into amulets, etc.
More reason to go out and explore.

Gems could be cut by those with the proficiency at the artisan table.

They could also be used in various decorations as well.
bejewelled thrones, mirrors, tables, etc.
display the wealth your character has accumulated.

gold and silver leafed building structures
religious idols with glowing gemstone eyes.
New dye colors
all sorts of possibilities.


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