Add Golem Purges

For Chapter 2 or maybe Chapter 3 of the Age of War, add Golems as a type of purge, eg. A Brigade of Rogue Golems is attacking.

And while you are at it, fix golem emotes so the victorious side can dance over the graves of their fallen comrades.

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Free Blood Crystal :rofl:

Weakness versus star metal may alter the difficulty of a golem purge. More difficult for low level players that don’t have access to it for example

They should tune down that :poop:
Ă—8 damage taken from star metal is just too much :notlikethis:
Ă—3 would be somewhat reasonable IMO

A golem is a single creature, completely obeying the order of its creator. They are not living beings. They can’t pack up and attack. Therefore, by definition, a golem purge cannot exist, this is absurd.

Led by a “master” which would be a sorcerer?
It’s like the beast tamer purge, but with golems :upside_down_face:


Yes, only if so.

And no slave has ever gone rogue and revolted against his master. Yup, not the behavior you would expect from a worker who only works when you are looking at him. Tell that to Victor Frankenstein. Tell that to Rossum. Tell that to the board of Cyberdyne Systems.

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Nah… if I can’t knock out a thrall, the purge is a waste. I’m gonna say no unless they include other npcs… and preferably not a bunch of sorcerers. There’s too many of those already.

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Tell that to the Lemurians and give your regards to Thag while you’re at it.

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Woah really?

I enjoy playing tower defense in Conan tbh, I don’t think every purge should be about knocking out thralls (especially because you usually can get all the T4s you want outside of the purge regardless, and the only ones that are useful to get extra are Fighters/Archers/Performers, and on PvP you can add Priests which you sacrifice for Avatar)

I don’t know, it’s just my personal view, I like the idea of defending against a horde of monsters, I enjoyed the silent legion purge when I built at the Icespire Chasm, and there were only undead + kinscourge.

Different people enjoy different things, I understand that the option to get T4 thralls from the purge is a cool thing to have at your disposal, but I just enjoy the very process of defending against a purge regardless of the rewards. For me, the enjoyment of the process is in itself a reward, and purges are probably the most challenging PvE thing that remains in this game (unless you use an army of followers but that becomes very boring IMO)

The real reward from successfully defending against a purge is for your base to remain intact :theworst:

I like the golem’s / guardians and I wouldn’t mind if they added them to purges mix. They can add some new type of shiny :sparkles: guardians to the mix to take place of the T4s like a gold, silver or black ice type guardian pieces and the only way to obtain them was from random drops by other shiny :sparkles: golems. Maybe thro in some gold Rocknose for some easy gold and sorcerers.
Also why not add new thralls to the game for the guardian work benches like thralls to speed up or lower cost and only have them available in the purge.

Nah, I’ve never liked tower defense games. I usually dodge purges because I don’t play for tower defense. It’s not my idea of fun. The only benefit imo to purges are the thrall rewards. The idea of challenge without reward doesn’t interest me. But as you said, different people enjoy different things.

Personally I don’t like the golems, also they feel a bit out of place in the theme of the game, they are sort of mechs just without guns :joy:

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The idea that animals rally together and come to try to wipe out a base in an organized fashion is a little beyond me. In most cases, I don’t feel like animals should be a purge on their own, without some driving humans (I could see the Silent Legion being an exception, obviously).

Usually animals always come with people. They may be few, but they are. The only exception I’ve seen is the Corrupted Panthers on the South East Isle of Siptah. Well, the yeti crowd comes and throws stones without people, and it looks good.

You must have gotten lucky with yours because there are quite a few that have no humans:

  • Bask of lizards
  • Clutter of spiders
  • Legion of demons
  • Nest of scorpions
  • Nest of snakes (just had this one myself)
  • I think all three of the locust purges
  • Swarm of impact
  • Avalanche of rocknoses

When did we need logic in a clunky game? If we need things to make sense, we have a ton of things to change or remove…

Double jump? Beast of Burden? Glutton for Punishment??? Resurgence?
Aloe potions not requiring a flask or vial? Being able to carry blood, ichor, demon blood, etc. without a container?

Elder Vault weapons all being Weapon Handle + Eldarium without any distinction → Fiend-Bone Shield crafted without Devolved Fiend Bone?
The Arena Champion dealing tremendously more damage than the True Champion of the Warmaker?

I digress, but I don’t think we should argue of whether it’s realistic or not.
What do you know of Rockslide’s plans to take over the Exiled Lands??? :theworst:

Anyway, as long as it’s challenging / fun, I don’t really care whether there are humans or not in purges.
Plus really, you’ve built a castle near these animals’ natural habitat, do you not expect them to fight back? We can always find an explanation for something, as well as an explanation against something :+1:

Fair enough. I don’t mind people liking them. I’ll admit part of my enjoyment of human purges is getting thralls I’ve not had before, just to have different people.

Darfari come with them, as far as I remember.