Add lore for "teleportation paralysis"

People have been complaining for ages about getting ganked by obelisk-campers because the game places the character at the obelisk much before giving the player control over their character. Many solutions have been proposed, but here’s a different one that I haven’t seen before: explain it away with lore.

Invent an imaginary “teleportation paralysis” effect – that’s a clumsy name I wouldn’t expect the writers to keep – and document it by adding a few warning lines to the Archivist’s dialog, and perhaps an additional lore stone, or a journal entry, or some scrolls. You get the idea: give players a warning and make it their fault they didn’t pay attention to the story.

You could even replace one of the non-functional and useless journey steps with one that has to do with teleportation and obelisks.

The pros of this solution are that it requires no changes to the game logic. It’s cheaper than any other solution proposed so far: at its cheapest, it’s just a journal or a document. Changing the Archivist’s dialog is probably slightly more expensive due to the necessary voice acting and localization, but at least it requires no coding :wink:

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I feel attacked :grin:
But seriously, it’s a neat idea and super easy to implement. Drop a note on the floor of the library, job done.

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And Funcom can make a deal with amazon: just put a link in the note that leads to an actual offer of a SSD :smile:.

I like it. Disorientation or nausea caused by teleportation is a pretty common theme is scifi and fantasy. It could easily explain why you’re temporarily blinded and unable to defend yourself after being teleported. Considering how those obelisks radiate corruption around them, it’s probably not a healthy, safe, WHO-approved sort of magic.

I think a warning label on the obelisks stating that “Teleportation obelisks contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm” would also be in order.


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