Add more building options and true night time experience

-I like to build. I find it unpleasant that we are limited to the building blocks in this game. No 45 degrees, no rounded, only the 60 degree foundations. couldn’t we have a 30, 45, 60, and 90 degree option?

-Can we have food to display as a decoration? I can set a table (no utensils), but don’t have any food to set down on the plates.

-Could we be given a gamma option so that when it is night time we could have settings that would require a torch or “glow” to be given to weapons/armor so that we could illuminate the surroundings?

-PLEASE fix the thralls ■■■-jamming me into the corner when they follow! I get stuck under the mobs, and my thralls and it is soooo irritating!

-seasons? Rain/Snow/Heat/Changing foliage?

-a complete collection of taxidermy/wall trophies for all animals in Siptah

All are welcome to my G-Portal Server:

PvP, Clan vs Clan

(pvp, Isle of Siptah, America, 10 population, 15days old)

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