"Add new game" option missing? (re-post with refs)

Referring to this post by @Rooibos

Use “Add a game” as a “workaround” for account merging being removed.

However, I can not find the “Add a game” option. Has his been removed as well?

Is there a workaround for the workaround?

as far as I know this workaround doesn’t work anymore so there is no option to add sub accounts to a main account


So, did you create a ticket internally to fix it? I mean, good to know that I’m not blind or something, it’s actually not available/working.

With the option to add a new account (or indeed merge preferably) missing, character transfer, a payed service is kind of rendered null and void (yes, character transfer IS available, but where are you going to transfer?! When you can’t add an account to transfter too, and character transfer requires additional accounts in the main account.

Seems kind of counter intuitive to remove the incentive to use a payed service for a company that is actually trying to make money.

So now you have

  1. A bug/ missing feature
  2. A business case why it is needed

Can we have 3? all good things are 3 yes?

  1. A timeline of when to expect a fix in place?

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No I don´t make a ticket because I am not working for Funcom. I am only a volunteer Moderator.

Hmm, does this mean that this issue is not being investigated further, and there will not be any fix coming for this?

As far as I know that is correct. The option to merge accounts will not come back.

Oh yes, that was clear in the original post, however, they provided an option to add a game as a sub account of an existing account, this option disappeared sometime after 2019 as far as I can trace back. There was literally a link in register.funcom.com that said “add a game”. This link is now gone. This severely limits the usage of the 1200 points paid service of character transfer, so someone should probably get on the case and fix whatever made the link disappear I would hope?

marked in green below, this is from March 2019.

Compared to today:

I dont think this post is about bringing back merged accounts. Its a post to do what people already payed for.
I have a merged account. I payd for that. If the service is stopped, I should get my money back

Edit: Nothing against you, but if Funcom takes money for something, they should deliver or give the money back

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