Add new medium gates please

had the game since release one of the best games iv ever owned however there is one thing that seriously bothers me.
gates! the regular door tile is fine but showtimes your front entrance needs a bigger… entrance
however the large gate can be problematic for several reasons 1. the amount of tiles you need to place it wont fit every building design 2. the height is enormously tall for a gate that really only feels like a 2x2ish entrance. lastly the gates jsut lack the castley vibe witht he outward opening doors.

please add a 2x2 tile medium gate that has a portcullis option that opens vertically instead of a drawbridge.
also some circular staircase pieces would be nice. or have the awnings be 100% free standing and require nothing except foundations to stand on.
keep up the good work funcom


Welcome to the Forum. This has been brought up a couple times before I don’t recall that any one would not want a smaller gate 2x2 would be great :+1:.


Yeah agreed, even a 2x3 woud be great :stuck_out_tongue:


Literally wanted this today. Where is our baby bear/just right door?


it’s certainly one of the more persistent and popular wishes


I would be happy with that or even one that blend in with the majority of styles.


Double doors, full height door frames, medium gates at two tall, and half doors and half gates are all quality additions.

The extra benefit is that many of these wouldn’t need new door skins themselves, as much of the current assets could be resized.

I believe that statistics would show that building is a huge component, both of the private console playerbase as well as dlc purchases. Increasing build variety and options outside of DLC would be much appreciated, at least to me and those I play with.


I really want a 2x2 door and if it could fit in with the design of the other DLC it would be great as the gray stone on the new artboards.


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