Add option to use a slotted inventory system and a blueprint system

  1. In the slotted system items have shape and the weight is ignored, however the player has limited inventory space to work with and must extend it with clothing items, bags etc. carts and drawn carriages or vehicles in general will have larger inventory space (boats, wagons, carts, wheel barrow). the player can store items in his hands, on his back or around waist as basic inventory, while naked. more inventory space is added via clothing and bags. a unit of wood (max stack size 1) takes up more space than a unit of sticks (max stack size 5) for example

1.a Enemies have their gear in their inventories upon death as well as the usual random item that spawns, (just my opinion but, it doesn’t make sense to me why i’m not allowed to take the gear of a fallen enemy)

  1. the blue print system allows one to manipulate and place a wireframe of whatever machine or large structure you wish to build and then incrementally add the resources it requires to it to complete it, (no crafting time). the finished product cannot be picked up. it can however be relocated by dragging it or dismantled and the resources recovered.

also please make these optional in the server settings

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