Add Pants to the Pride of Aesir Armor Set

Please add pants to the armor set known as the Pride of the Aesir. For an armor set insulated against the cold, it makes no sense for it to not have pants, they would be vital for survival in a cold environment. Secondly, the exposed legs look weird and silly, the addition of pants would make the set more complete and would allow the leg pieces to be better paired with other armor pieces for a unique suit of armor.

You mean that you don’t have an issue with the guardian armor, this mini skirt, tottaly exposed body that gives you the same frost protection with the pride. Not to mention the savage tottaly furred armor that gives you the same heat protection with silent legion, not that silent legion makes sense :joy::joy::joy:. It is fantasy my friend, nothing real. Enjoy the pride wearing it to female characters, it looks sensible and sexy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. And i say that it looks sensible because in real life women sence cold more than men, but they sacrifice that sence just to look sexy. Plus, never think that they do it for you, no way, they do it for them and for the other women :wink:.

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