Add pict race thralls!

as the title say its about time picts get some present in the exile lands why the heck they do not include among the already races that do spawn as thralls??..

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They need to make a new map based on asia that would have vendhayan and khitan thralls… it would be nice


Thoth-Amon hasn’t been annoyed by any Picts lately, so no-one has found any reason to deport them.

if hyborians and zingaran are capturble and exiled then picts should be too since they practicly invading these lands

My character is a Pict, he would refuse to enslave his own

im a pict too and im not “inslaving my own” im “liberating my own” they just pissy cus of the heat so i break their pissyness on the wheel for a time till they relax and join me and together we form a powerful pictish empire ;D

back home we would inslave our own…if they from another tribe tho…;D

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