Add Radial Menu Option to Delete Placed Thrall

There is currently no way to remove a freestanding thrall that is already placed. This would be a very much appreciated quality of life fix if you could add a menu for us to delete them, or even simply allow us to kill our own thralls on PvE/PvE-C

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you could just make a bomb explosive and make em die lol

That doesn’t work in PvE-C or PvE

You could feed them to monster crocodiles, but I suppose that could be time consuming if you want to dispose of several thralls.

I find that my thralls kill themselves so frequently that a “delete” option is completely unnecessary.
Just have one follow for a bit and it’ll die…

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That’s what I’ve taken to doing lately :slight_smile: I just think a radial menu option to kill/delete a thrall would be a great QOL change that would be simple to implement.

Yeah that could definitely be useful.

This would be a GREAT option!!