Add raid virtual servers for satisfying endgame play

The added mode is to allow people to que their player for raid play and join a group of random players sorted by forming groups of equal opposing raid players, then spawning a raid game on a server specified for this purpose only with prebuilt equal sided raid maps. The primary distinction between sides would be avatar use, but the main idea is to give people that taste of grand Conan Exiles city vs city, avatar type endgame play. Players qued into raid play would effectively be a play only copy, which would not gain or lose from raid play other than say journey progress / bragging rights as a matter of making raid play completely optional and not a haven for the pvp addicted. I would hope this idea gains some recognition as a means to allow Conan Exiles the survival game to transcend the genre and become the best of both survival and teamwork pvp (on the scale that Conan Exiles endgame is capable of).

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