Add servers PVE for West Europe!

Hi, Since launch, I can not connect to the same server with my friends. All officials PVE EU servers are full (or almost). Please Funcom, try to communicate more informations on the subject. It is unclear if you work on the problem or not ? Maybe there is not enough serveurs but maybe there is not enough slot by server ? is it possible to increase the number of slot per official server (50 or 60) ?
there is another problem, it is ping which is very high for European servers. I am in France and I have less than ten servers PVE EU accessible (the others have a ping too high).
Last questions, is it possible to identify officials servers for West Europe and officials servers for Est Europe and is it possible to have officials serveurs PVE FAST ?
Anyway I’m sure everything will be settled quickly (but again, a little communication would be good) and I wanted to say that Conan Exile is a great game !

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