Add siege towers

Either a vehicle you can “drive” up to the castle walls, or a tower with no zoning restrictions you can deploy next to bases would be nice. Particularly for mountain top bases that are otherwise basically not reachable. Not salty or sad, this would just be a fun thing to do.

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Should probably decay over 3 days as well.

ohhh… a thrall “driven” siege ram… sounds appealing…

well my gates usually have at least 1row of staircases below them… a ram would be pretty useless against that, im surely not the only one :stuck_out_tongue:

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Mostly just wanna be able to tower up to bases on spires

Siege-ing bases could be better. A Battering Ram with 6 thralls [3 on each side] carrying it to smash at walls, doors, whatever would be sweet. You could still kill them. I’d like to see a proper ladder to through against a wall to climb over even spiked fences. I would like a catapult or Ballista, which could help (if the treb was any good) to knock a base out of its roost.


Can’t wait for Sorcery too!!!