Add Stealth in the game

Would be nice to be able to sneak up behind NPCs while crouching and supprise attack them

Absolutely would be fantastic. Thank you for suggesting it.

I am not too sure, but I think its more or less possible to sneak up on those…
At least one can go more close to them than when standing and running up.
Dont know if we can sneak up to the back of them…
Should be a thing though.

Them having 2 detections: ears and eyes.
Eyes would cover i.e. 180° with a good range. (15-20 square foundations?)
Ears would cover 360° - with heavy armor being detected on 15 foundations range, medium on 10 foundations and light armor on 5 foundations. Crouching may reduce it to the lower tier, while light armored guys crouching up may cause a detection at 1 foundation distance. That is close enough to pull some surpriseattack.

Then again a multiplayer for first attack after a crouch would be nice - located in agility of course… The stats of thiefes and rouges. :smiling_imp:
Maybe just the same as accuracy 50th? But making it +50% damage after crouching?
Also located at 50th agility, as a 50% multiplier is a great bunch.
(But please reduce the speed of crouching, if you consider this to become a thing. Like by half or something - for that to be a bad thing in pvp as someone else could just run away from them… or switch to hammertime.)

It’s PVE stuff. you don’t know… :smiley:

There is no way that you can sneak up on thralls(NPS scattered around the map). Not even from behind crouched and move ever so slightly from time to time… After a very specific range they just get up and turn on you no matter what are you doing.

Eh ok…
I just saw that I could get a little closer by crouching, maybe that was some illusion I had?

Closer? maybe… but close onough? not at all.
Anyway good morning partner :smiley:

A loading screen tip says to sneak up on enemies by crouching. So it’s supposed to already be in the game. But from my experience, it does not work.

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I like the ideia of the 50th Agi perk giving 30% faster while crouching with the double jump together.

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