Add T4 Thralls To Animal Purges 🐍

A question in the last stream addressed the idea of adding Human Thralls to Animal Purges. :crocodile:
On Official servers over half the map is exclusively Animal/Nonhuman Purges.

Should Human Thralls be added to Animal/Beast Purges?

  • Yes
  • No

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I’d be surprised if there’s more than a tiny number of No votes.

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The more support we show the more likely it is to be implemented. :slight_smile:

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id love to see em in the last part of the threshold bar though
and above the starting area… no human thralls on starting area… so we can avoid huge end game bases at the starting river…

I don’t like the idea to get more human(ish) purges. I think we’ve already got enough areas where they can spawn / spawn definitely. These purge thralls are kinda op. That’s why I think they should at least be limited to (a) specific area(s).

problem is that some thrall purges are crucial to advance into end game i could wish for lowered animal or have two seperate purge one animal and one thrall. Thrall purge take twice as long to come but animal purge are quicker.

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add club-able pets… or egg drops from bosses. (or lures…but lures that lure that type of baby pet)
Some of them use to spawn “babies” but they could bug out abit to much.

We have an abundance of baby animals in game ripe for the picking at any moment. Adding a chance at T4 Purge Thralls to Animal/Beast Purges would add value to them that is not obtainable from any other source other then the Purge. I believe this far exceeds baby animals spawning.

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There certain types that are easy to get, Purges could drop rarer forms of some of them.

Animal Purges are to me, the more “care-free” purges. In were I run out, murder murder… and go about my day.
Having deal with t4 spawning… and trying keep him alive is pain in butt as is.

Much rather Animal ones be murder time, and yield better loot. Aka, Eggs and Lures, for rarer spawns.

What rare pets are you looking to get that aren’t easily available? Curiosity not sarcasm, btw.

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Huh? Not that I’m looking, I’m just suggesting rare pets be added.

Hyena Attack? Add chance to pull creepy one as a pet.
Spiders, Spider eggs. It beats going out buy them.

Another source of getting them.

I find it weird to see random human not being murder by animals during a purge. XD Or pack of eiles attacking during wave 4 of spiders.
Doesnt make alot of sense.

But Animal Purges need a award… most of them are often just… slaughter them all! Muahhahahaha! Boss spider could drop some extra gossmar you know.

Animals spawn in the human Purges. If you happen to get your Animal/Beast Purge with a minimal chance at T4 Thralls and, all you have is Murder on your mind. Slay the T4 as well, no skin off your nose.:yum: I’ll have to think over your suggestion a bit more, I currently just can’t compare adding an additional chance at a spawn that literally happens nowhere else in game to one that’s abundantly available.

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But thats more “pet” It always just seemed weird.

Human Purges are often, everytime I see extra big one, your carting npcs around… trying keep thralls alive… I like Animals purges cause they just simplfy it. I’m not trying lure stuff around trying get close to said thrall.

Purge thralls are far from OP. The fighters are trash compared to volcano Thralls. The blacksmith is the only thing that really changes your gameplay but it’s rare anyway. As for there being plenty of areas with human purges… official servers only have 4 human purges. Dogs of the desert(exclusively around the den),Relic hunters(exclusively west of sepermeru, Vanir outside new asgarth and the Cimmerian beast tamers(mounds,crownsgrove and new asgarth).

In short high level players who want human purges may not build in the following locations:
-south of sepermeru
-north of sepermeru before the crownsgrove
-the plains around swagger rock
-south of the unnamed city
-anywhere on noob beach
-the desert with the exception of the den
-the entire northern jungle
-the entire southern jungle
These locations are exclusive to animal purges.

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I agree that in their current state, animal purges are just waste of a good purge. They’re just risk and no chance of a reward.

But thematically, is adding named people to animal Purges a good solution? What’s that T4 armorer or taskmaster of fighter doing with those animals? The answer to this that pops into mind is “he’s guiding the animals”. And suddenly it makes more sense than before. I mean, why does a pack of hyenas or rocknoses decide to attack a fortified settlement? Because some clever minion of Thoth-Amon is herding them to do their dirty work and kill us so the minion can steal our artifacts.

Should these “animal handler” thralls be limited to only a handful of professions then? Maybe. Fighters and archers are always at least somehow explainable. Taskmasters too. And maybe there’ll be a new thrall type coming with mounts and riding and the pet leveling system. But would a blacksmith or a cook make sense herding cats? Maybe, maybe not. Funcom could write these as a new faction, or tie them to the Jhebbal Sag cult.

So yeah, I think it might be a solid idea.


I’ve got human purges below the sinkhole. You can also get them in the volcano or in the noob area. I’ve also had human purges . Purge fighters are only trash if you get purged in trash areas. Volcano purge fighters have the same HP as bearers but deal far more damage. Most workbench thralls don’t offer crazy good recipes but they increase the speed even more than normal T4s.

Are you on official servers? The issue with these locations are not consistent on servers with lower Purge levels.

I was thinking more along the lines of the human NPCs hunting the migrating animals. It would make sense to me that a large mass of snakes, apes or hyenas might get the attention of local tribes. Also I would be equally happy with level 4 human purges being bumped to level 6 so that they spawn on official servers.

The purge in the starter area was in Singleplayer, but all the others were either on 3106 or 3069.

Yeah on single player you can set different purge settings. A level 4 purge will spawn humans almost anywhere. The issue is that official servers are all level 6.