Add Thrall Slot to Animal Pens

This has been suggested before, but the link I found is more than a year old.

Benefits could include reduced time for raising pets and/or increased chance for greater pets.


I like that limitation for T4

Thats what the shidespace foods are for.

It gets faster and higher chance of greater pet.

Yes. Why not have both? On Soloplayer it takes so long to raise a pet because time does not elapse when you’re not signed in. And I don’t like changing the crafting multipliers. It feels like cheating to me.

But having a T4 taskmaster is easy for low level? Mhmm…

@bbtech T4 thralls still need 9hours with a T4 taskmaster… But, yeah I understand the problems in solo-mode.

I usually have one around level 35 or so

Yeah, but you also have to find a T4 taskmaster :smiley:

Most my T4 thralls I have only gotten after lvl60. But it was my first playtime and I had no clue about many game mechanics.

If I would start new, I would get one way faster.

This is one of my biggest problems. I restart my games all the time. It’s an itch I have to scratch… I have reached level 50, but not level 60 yet. Usually I restart around level 40 :blush:

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