Add user folders for Steam

Currently, users are able to have one single player character on their computer - this means if you have multiple users on the same PC, even if you each buy a copy of Conan Exiles… well, one of you can’t use it, or you have to use the same character, or you have to make a new character every time. If you make a simple tweak to where the game saves files - I believe the kids these days call them “folders” - it would be a very easy system to implement. I know other people have had this issue, as well, looking at the Steam discussions, and I know that in my household, it’s been a problem. I take my laptop with me when I work or travel, and my s/o exclusively uses my laptop to play Conan Exiles (and I exclusively play on my desktop) - it sure would be nice if I could play it on my laptop when I travel, and she could play it on my desktop when my laptop is with me. Considering, further, that we’re already REQUIRED to play “online” - even when we’re doing offline play - it shouldn’t be a big ask to even have cloud saves. But at the very least, you could allow us user-specific local saving.


You could write a tool for yourself that switches Databases. It’s not that hard, a simple C# Forms or WPF application.

I might even create that.

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