Adding a Mason or Builder Minion to the game

I particularly think it would be something interesting, the addition of a new kind of footman to the game, and the bricklayer would be a great choice, since the construction of bases requires a lot of material, the footman could come with the advantage of decreasing the quantities of materials necessary for the construction of bases and decorations. Anyway it’s just an idea, if you agree or have other ideas of possible lackeys comments there.


I think you are playing something else, cause t3 building is dirty cheap.

Actually for us soloists its a bit annoyingly time consuming. The fact that I will never have to farm iron nodes ever again, thanks to a few base raids and 4 chests full of steel and iron ties, plus 5 chests full of steel bars doesn’t make it less so :stuck_out_tongue:
Why does nobody hoard hardened brick?


decisions made for some affects other. Unless you want people to build massive bases in 1hr farming. Can’t imagine how bad the building spam will get if this is done easier. Or without less cost

They still build massive bases, regardless. I honestly used to think Codemage was duping, he built so fast. ( Dont tell him I said that )
2021-04-22 17_43_58-eating popcorn


What, you didn’t get any from my decayed base? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Me? Did you ever get to meet Jensonian? :rofl:

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Welcome to the forums, @SpartanNub! :smiley:

I’ll be honest, and please don’t take this personally, but I didn’t like the idea of reducing base-building costs. I feel they’re pretty fine where they are right now, but that’s just my personal opinion, because I’ve practiced farming quickly and efficiently.

However, I would welcome having a crafting bench for building pieces, so that I don’t have to always craft them by hand. It would be a nice QoL improvement without making any other players complain :slight_smile:


Yes, AND Jon. You were all prolific builders and I used to wonder how you collected mats so fast.


in case anyone was wandering


A friend of mine built a 120x120 T3 pyramid alone in 2~3 weeks on official server.
We call him The Faraoh now. lol
it was a really massive building.

No offense to anyone, but that’s simply insane :crazy_face:

Actually it would be really cool to have a builder crafting table , or even the ability to craft building pieces on the artisan table . All my twine is fabricated to the armorers bench if I get an Armorer and not because it was cheaper , just not to bother fixing them and see every single twine fixed on my screen :crazy_face: . Especially the times we were fixing stone consolidant with twine .


He was making a 180x180 before, but ended up not finishing it. We play on PvP official, everytime someone went to the server to attack us, they raided a bit of his pyramid. LOL
At that time, our main base had 4 map quadrants at bucaneer’s den and it was linked to his pyramid
that was there by the J-5, k-5.
I think i told this story before on the forum… server went to 1020ms for 30~50 when any one of us logged into the server and the region wasn’t rendered.

At least there are rules now to prevent this kind of monstruosity LOL

he was getting mad because when you build something that big, some small misalignments happens. They add up to each other and in the end you can’t properly close the building.
If you are building a wall or something like this, there’s no problem, you find a way to close the gap. But a pyramid you have to fill every gap.

he had to destroy and rebuild some chunks of it several times.


4 map quadrants? you deserved a big ban for that lol

Oh, that story. I remember you mentioning it, now I know what caused it :smiley:

My tower to the storm in beta was pretty epic… even made a video of its destruction… Dee Pee the Wretched was a menace…

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I think it were even bigger than 4 quadrants Lol… i don’t remember correctly anymore, but we were not banned for that because at the time there were no rules yet it was around 2018 i think.(it was from 2018 until 2020)
I got banned because of my city outside the green wall = \

(The whole sea were covered by this foundations, it had vault in the middle, but we removed them because server were crashing everytime we logged).

this is one of the reasons that I advocate the Upkeep cost implementation.

It wasn’t from 2018, but anyway we were banned because of another thing at that time LOL.
Because of my beautiful LIMBO city :frowning:
I miss it


Man, you need to post this stuff in the Share Your Shelter thread, if you haven’t already. These are some really nice builds :slight_smile:


Miner thrall would be nice,
it’s weird having a thrall following you and just stand there like ‘’ Yeah keep mining, slave! ‘’