Adding a six passive slot

Just a comment… One of the pleasures of the TSW system was that you could combine passives from all the weapon trees, irrespective of which weapons you had equipped. Obviously it will never happen now, but that option would be much more interesting, tactically speaking, than an extra passive slot.


While it could be interesting, it could be a mild nightmare to get into, not to mention extremely overwhelming at a first glance if you were not already one of the players that love going deep with that stuff. The first time i opened the ability wheel i quietly closed it again and didn’t look back for a long time.

That is not to say i didnt enjoy it in the end, i did a lot. I did however think there were a lot of filler abilities, active and especially passive that had no other purpose than to make it take time to get to what you wanted. All in all i get why they simplified it. Most people can get into this system easily. The one thing i do miss if we talk multi weapon passives, would be the ones that belonged to a role instead of a weapon.

Technically, you already can, but because passive either effect a specific ability or relate to individual weapon mechanics there’s no point.
If there were agnostic passives then they’d either be worse than weapon specifics or we’d end up with the same situation as in tsw where there was very little build diversity for the top output builds, and people would be choosing from one or two passives with the rest being cookie cutter.

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WTB Agitator (with buff)!

Just a scoop for everybody who claims cross-weapon passives were better etc… We already have them. Agents !

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At the risk of being called a troller, I’m content with the number of equipped passives we have currently. I would be happy if we had another slot, but I’m aware it would have a marked effect on game balance - the game’s challenges have been designed around the current system.

I too miss the rôle specific passives.

we still need the 6th Passive Slot to make it better no matter what a

No, you DESIRE all skills to be upgradable. You don’t need it. the fact of the matter is that making the passive slots more dear means that you have to make meaningful choices. If they intended all skills to be used at max-utility, they could have just rolled the passive into the active skill to start with and eliminated passives entirely.

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Please remain objective and do not attack other users just for disagreeing with you. We have no plans to add an additional passive slot, although we welcome speculation and discussion of the topic. Just keep it civil. Thanks :slight_smile:


What the point in even making swl if u unbalance the whole game.