"Adding Additional Land Masses"?

From Producer’s Letter posted on Steam today (September 18, 2020), Scott Junior says that during the Early Access period, they plan to ‘add additional land masses’.

Could this plan be explained just a little more? Adding islands to the map? Adding an underground layer to the map (a whole underworld to explore)? Adding a floating city to the map? Adding more to the existing Siptah map as it is now? Just what did you all have in mind (and does that include adding some additional biomes like snow, tundra, ice capped peaks, etc)?

Just seeking some further clarification on this subtle phrase that was in the letter. :slight_smile:

Most likely mountians and cliffs and stuff like that on top of the current terrain

Dungeons I hope. With the current Surge events showing the Exiled Lands, and teleporting players into the new map… it’s not so hard to believe other “Surge” type events could also teleport players into Exiled Lands Dungeons… Jhebbal Sag, Wine Cellar, Warmaker… All of it would be welcomed in the new map with a tiny portal twist or two.

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