Adding Castle Machicolations and Murder Holes

Adding defensive structures for archers and spearmen into bases would be cool.
Thralls could use these structrues with great effiency.

For those who dont know what I’m talking about, here is a link to an explanation on what they are.


ive tried to build some of these into structures before using odd combinations of building objects… the only issue I had was thralls falling through and off the wall lol… I heard rumors of a eventual siege update where they will be working on siege related structures. with luck we will see some of these added whenever they get to it. it would be a great help to defend structures


Not so much help for players, but thralls could realy take advantage of these structrures and make archer thralls harder to kill by sniping.

Shad from Shadiversity made his castle with his mates and I think they added some of these holes there.


I think he also mentioned about some thrall specific issues related to them.

Shad couldnt make them work. They are too wide, you can climb thru them and the thralls kept falling off from the gap.

Main thing to solve is to fire over a short wall on top of your main walls. Then you could setup corners to your fortification like a traditional castle. Out away from the main wall by so many feet.

The archers could stand on top and angle their fire down at anything trying to climb the face of the wall.

Climbing is the main broken thing here. We shouldn’t be able to climb half the things our characters can climb. Not without a grappling hook. The solution there is a new type of wall piece with iron spines angled out and downward.

With the tip of the spine out a good 3 feet from the wall itself, you could make t so characters can’t climb that. And they have to rely on siege tactics to get into a base. Not just climbing into one.

I think the climb mechanic needs tweaking. Climb kits, hooks etc and stamina cost based on the surface being climbed.

I’d rather see them take the route Dynasty Warriors 9 just took. They had a grapple hook. People whined and complained because it made things too easy.

Well the latest update just made it work like this: If NPCs are on top of the wall, you can’t grapple it.

Just BLEW away those cheating through sieges by zipping up the wall, ignoring the archers stationed there and being able to get inside and bust open the gates more easily.

That would be a huge benefit in Conan. Just station Archers on your walls and bam, climbing mechanic is disabled on those walls. No more climbing in.

one thing I found is that the AI of the Thralls definitely needs some work, I have archers stationed on my walls, but depending on how high the wall is they might just stand there and do nothing or they run down the stairs to the ground level and then shoot, they also don’t reposition themselves if something is blocking their line of sight with the target, they just keep firing into a wall or whatever is blocking them, so I’m not sure if adding murder holes will work, but it would be cool if it did.

Climbing gear could be a nice solution. Boots, gloves, picks and stuff that allow us to make a temporary camp up there, clinging a wall or a mountain and slowly replenish our stamina mid way to the top. It’s cool to be able to climb over anything, but it really needs a balance variable and gear could provide just that.

It won’t suffice that the boots and gloves simply slow down stamina drain. That guru on top of the mountain for example shouldn’t be there selling their stuff, but down here so we could eventually learn the ways and get up there due the gear. This is a serious issue with modern game design. The reward of a feat is usually something that we actually would need in order to get the job done or faster and for some reason the quest giver usually keeps it to themselves until we suffer our way thorough their given task.

Every single time the aforementioned happens, I’m like “well thanks a bunch, got this nice piece of gear from you just now albeit it’s useless trash coz I already did what I needed it for; could have done it faster mate, I thought the world was in peril and you played this silly delay the player game with me… (snapped the item from their hands swiftly, smacked the npc unconscious and planted it in their ■■■■■■ - sideways), oh look at it now; it fits there perfectly (new achievement was unlocked) I feel so much better now” :joy:

Well, ideally if we are getting boots/gloves/picks and the ability to camp dangling from the side of a mountain like a rock climber is able to do, then climbing should be drastically nerfed to require much more stamina.

Or else it would become even more broken. So the addition to those items would necessitate increased stamina drain to require those same items.

Drastically to require more stamina or make it a lot more like a real climbing exercise; slow and perilous without proper gear and skill.

Also the land needs a revision when it comes to shapes (and some items / stations). There are spots that drop the player even though they shouldn’t and it’s always a bit annoying to see the characters begin climbing an invisible wall in front of a tannery or so…

With picks, the gloves and the boots we could climb without worries of falling too far. In case the climb surface continues high enough, we would need to make a small camp there to replenish stamina and maybe sleep too.


I suppose one way to balance out the climb system is to have diffirent stamina drain depending on the surface and angle you climb. Or outright require certain perks to climb smooth walls. Afteral, climbing a wall with hand/feet placement is easy for professionals. But scaling smooth walls is nearly impossible without tools.

Climbing gear and/or surface relative climb system would be a great fix. or maybe change the stat system and change agility into Athelics and make Jumping, running and swimming under Athletics.


I don’t advocate tweaking Attributes or Feats solely for this purpose though. That part is trivial at best unless we turn them upside down looking at it from the roleplay perspective. Still the gear and surface variables would be better for immersion. Stats can come as a secondary layer on top of that in case needed.

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