Adding In Progression

Every game needs to have a balance between not hindering the players too much but also not having end game items available to quickly. As it stands right now I can get a legendary weapon and be in the highlands within an hour of joining the game.

I think a fun way to stop this is to put all of the old ghost walls back and require you to unlock the different areas.

  1. You get the 4 desert obelisks to unlock the north
  2. You get the three northern obelisks to unlock the jungle
  3. The two jungle obelisk for the volcano
  4. The volcano obelisk to unlock the high level dungeons.

This would slow people down just a little but still not be that bad. It would also give a porous back to the old pylons that are collecting dust.

There are other sandboxes that do stuff like this. Rust for example requires you to get key cards in order to access certain high level areas.

I much prefer the “soft lock” of increasing difficulty over arbitrary zone locks.

Granted, perhaps the difficulty is not currently sufficient to keep low-levels out of the high-level zones, but I do believe that is one of the things Alex mentioned he wanted to look into. Not for zoning purposes, in particular, but the feeling of danger in the wilds.

I’ll also say that I think it’s a strength, not a weakness, if a skilled player can successfully bring a low-level character to a higher level zone and prosper.


Totally agree, it gives such a feeling of accomplishment when you succeed, and a reminder of your limitations when you ride the white light express back to your bedroll.


Like most features it could have a on/off setting in the config. Would give people the option of doing it if they wanted to make things interesting.

I think this is an interesting idea which provides a little more immersive game world activity.

I have been against the old style level XP. I really wish they would have just given you all the attribute points to star with.

The only thing you should be unlocking is the perks for each level on an att via dungeons and finding the correct teachers (ala relgiion), and all recipes. To me survival is very rarely as drastic a physical change as we go thru in CE and more about learning in the wild. Imagine having to scour every corner of the map to learn every recipe. the recipes would still be tier locked, like having to unlock iron pick before steel pick, etc. But you first have to “find” the recipe and then spend feat points for it. some of the basics could be there. Maybe tied to your race.

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