Adding journal, knowleage

simple as that, add journal wich will show knowlege about animals, places, some mentionable pepole

mainly it could contain all found notes together, maybe revamp journey part where be listed notes wich lead to some interesting loot, just inside menu, not to spam whole monitor with x quests

it be nice if knoweage be basen on killed, enslaved npcs/animals, ie you hear something new from your black galeon thralls, backstory lore etc., killing animals can tell you where get pupies

question can be, if this journal be per character or per account, if ie be added some events and you attend them, you gett lore note just on one character?, or make event part of journal cross character?

this journal system can add some proggres feel, wich be nice little addon

there is also question, or more likely somone will point it here that, knowleage can play its own part in this game, more likely adding bonuses to demage, harvesting etc…

with bonuses like 2,4,6,8,10% against undead,chicken like creatures, boses etc…
while when you get to rank 3 out of 5 you be able to loot more or loot something special

iam aware that can be problem due changing of lootbags of npcs in last test live updates, so it isnt so hot but that demage boost seems prety, maybe at max rank add higher chance to aply some negative buff, or loot something special. ie looting special op meat for op recipe as Fugu fish xD

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