Adding subscription

Why does it take SO long to add a subscription?
Decided to add a 12mth yesterday and it still has not left my bank account :frowning:

Bank ach transfers can take up to 5 -7 business days depending on your bank. It’s quicker to use a credit card as payment as it gets processed instantly.

Yeah i tried to do it with paypal and because it was not working i cancelled 3 times. Not knowing if there was something wrong. Now apparently Paypal says that there like $500 owing. Crappy way of paying for a Sub.

If we could sub by using Funcom points and/or Steam wallet. No wait, no having credit card or bank account frozen because it’s a foreign transaction. No hassles.

I use paypal for my sub and have not had any issues with it. Word to the wise you should never click submit more than once. you should be able to get those charges negated.

Good to know