Additional character slot wil stay ? And how?

Hey guys,

I tried to find any mark about that topic, but maybe I flew over.
My account has no buyable slot left, but SAGA again gives me an additional slot.
Does it depend to any questing success to keep this slot ported to crom/fury after SAGA of Blood ?

And is it, if its an ordinary slot and caharacter isnt developed fully and has not finished the SAGA of Blood-Quest ?

Thx in advance

You will keep the character and the character slot if you fulfill the requirements, last time every character that did not reach level 20 was not transferred if I remember correctly, I don’t know if that changed but I guess you need to finish Tortage and the night time quests there at least to keep the character and therefore the character slot.

Hmm, guess is not much ^^ The important question is for the additional slot. Does the chars stay and if yes under which conditions…

At the end of the Saga of Zath, all characters were kept and moved to Crom regardless of progression. These newly-merged characters were locked by default. If you were level 20+, you also received an additional character slot. You could either use that slot to unlock your Saga character, or use it to unlock another locked character on your account. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not all of this information will apply for the Saga of Blood, but you may still find it helpful to review:

Details specific to the end of the Saga of Blood will be released closer to that time, so keep an eye out for updates both here and on our website.

Thx a lot :slight_smile:
Im often o ntravel and wont be able to fiish this saga quest row. Its relaxing that I know now, that the new avatar stays.

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Another question:

The rewards getten on Saga Blood, will they be able to choose on both servers Crom and Fury, if I have characters on both ?
I guess, the Saga toons will be setten to fury at first after ending of Saga, right ? I gonna settle one of my Saga-toons to crom. But will the rewards choosable on Crom on this account ? I have my main on-time on crom and my best toons too.

The extra reward can be claimed on any one character on your account. The server doesn’t matter. Just choose wisely, because only one extra character can have the saga rewards.

I know, thank u.