Additional Fixes & Bugs (Buccaneer Bay Items)

Game mode: [ Singleplayer]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [Local]

A few things I’ve noticed over the last month or so that could probably be changed or fixed.
There are a few items that can’t be broken down in the dismantling bench.
Asura Clothes/Armor
Broken Glass, Chef’s Trusted Cleaver, Seasalt Cutlass, Black Corsair Sword (obtained in Buccaneer Bay)

  1. All the new food recipes from buccaneer bay (rare spice recipes) don’t fill up hunger they only provide a temporary temperature increase.

  2. After applying additional poison on accident to a pre poisoned weapon such as “The Festering One” … I noticed the weapon had permanently lost its poisoning affect.

Steps on how to reproduce the last issue:

  1. Apply Reaper Poison to a Venom Infused weapon. Ex. The Festering One, or potentially Venom Infused Daggers & Pike.
  2. After the reaper poison Icon is no longer visible on the weapon, the initial Venom Infused feature is no longer available on the weapon.
  3. Get yourself a new Venom Infused Weapon
  4. Don’t apply additional poisoning again…

Hello @RJOHNSON2120, thank you for submiting these issues!

We’ve relayed this information to the developers so that they can look into them.

Also, on future issue submissions, please open a topic for each particular issue.

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