Addons not working



So, I have not played for months and came back with the DotM expansion.
A few days ago I moved and installed SWL on my second home PC. Everything worked fine on my first home PC, but I can’t make the addons work on the second PC.

Of course they’re under \Secret World Legends\Data\Gui\Custom\Flash\

But none of them is actually working. What am I doing wrong?

This is a screenshot of my folder: i . imgur . com / IoxDque . png

sonofabitch this forum doesn’t let me add proper links.


I’m sorry to hear about this trouble. While we do allow players to use addons, we don’t support them. For this reason, whenever we release an update, it’s possible that these mods are no longer working due to changes made in the game code. It can sometimes take time for the creator of the addons to update them.

I recommend removing the addons and then replacing them with a more up to date version if one is available.


When you say non of them work, i assume they dont load into the game period? Are you 100% sure you are looking at the right folder here? Only reason i can think of that they wouldnt be loaded into the game, is if the path the game use, doesnt contain them.

Maybe take a screenshot and make sure it appears in the screenshot folder.


Correct, none of them load into the game.

Screenshots appear in the correct folder (C:\Secret World Legends\screenshots).

Mods folders are under C:\Secret World Legends\Data\Gui\Custom\Flash


A few thoughts/diagnostics:

  • Are there any duplicate copies lying around in there anywhere? This can cause intstallation failures.
  • Is the second computer running at a smaller screen resolution? It’s possible that icons are being placed off screen based on the settings that the server has stored from the other computer.
  • Do any of the mods show up in the debug menu (ctrl+shift+F2)?
  • Do module variables show up with /setoption [VarName]? (Replace VarName with the name from Modules.xml files, under the attribute variable="[VarName]")