Addressing transmog repair requirements

Repair requirements should be removed for transmogging items in particular legendary items. Since Funcom has implemented that legendaries cannot be repaired it has really become tedious to transmog legendary armor and weapons into newer skins. Example: I got Yog’s Touch out of warmaker sanctuary. I used it and really like it, but I got this new skin in the battlepass and want to change the look to the turanian axe, but I can’t change the skin because it’s lost 2 hit points. Now I have to go back and farm for days or weeks in some cases to get that same item. I think it’s unfair that these legendaries are unrepairable and Funcom still sells us skins with each new battlepass. Why make this a tedious process, I say lift repair requirements for transmogs or make legendary items be the same as all the other items. Keep them where they have permanent durability loss like everything else. Yes I know these items are actually gear and not just skins, but they are not best in class. I think fellow players want to have best in class items for their builds but also have the iconic looks that they want. I feel like it’s unreasonable to have to spend time to reacquire a new version of the item just to transmog it, when my time could be better spent elsewhere by preparing for a raid, gather items, or helping my clan in other ways.

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