Adjusting armor cosmetically in the dev kit

I tried to do my own research and I couldn’t find a forum or YouTube video that addressed this. Some of the armors have a belt that I wanted to remove but I am unsure how to do this in the dev kit.

So I assume no one knows how to do it then lol

All i know is the devkit that you have and it’s available for the audience, does not include dlcs!
So if the armors you want to change belong in a dlc, forget it! I cannot help more i am a console player.

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You will probably have to use a 3d modelling tool like blender or maya.

The model files should be able to be exported from Unreal Engine, though I do not know in which file formats.

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I dont have any dlc’s im too poor lol but I did get the dev kit. Just unsure how to fully use it. Youtube videos have gone over very basics like changing stats and making building pieces. Havent seen how to customize armor and weapons aside from just changing the color

I will have to look more into that. Maybe I cant do it in the dev kit then

You can’t. You will need to edit the mesh of the armor itself, which is done via a totally separate 3d modelling program


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