Admin "CheatScript" command?

Okay, I’ve been going through the Commands in the admin console looking for usefull commands and found “CheatScript ScriptName[FString]” and was wondering if it was like other games…

For example Fallout 4 has “bat [name]” and it will execute all commands in the filename you enter.

So… I tried creating a file with every “LearnEmote [name]” and saved it to every folder in Conan Exiles and tried “CheatScript LearnEmotes” and nothing happened. I didn’t learn a single emote. I tried having a .txt on the end of both the file and command. I tried a ; after each command. I tried having a , after each command. Nothing.

I play mostly single player and am tired of running around getting all the Emotes. Is there a way to learn ALL emotes with one command?

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