Admin command to destroy is way to simple

Game mode: Online Private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVP
Region: US

So I won’t even go into how bad G Hub is and the fact that it programed it’s own macro without me knowing and yes I am in a really pissed off mood while writing this. But during my keyboards freak out it seems to have used the buttons Ctrl+Shift+Delete (on top of a million other buttons) and destroyed my base.

I’m sorry, maybe others think that’s fine, but that is way to simple of a command for a game.It SHOULD NOT be that easy to to destroy everything around you like that. If anything it should be a code to type in like most games so it’s not something so easily to do. Even a button in the admin section and a confirmation when it’s pressed. Just something to keep that from being that easy to mess up and do.

I just started playing this game and that little command may have completely ruined the entire game for me.

First of all, there is no need for you to be in admin mode all the time, especially if your keyboard is prone to randomly executing macros you have never created. Furthermore Ctrl+Shift+Delete is not easy to press by mistake, so there is no need to change that just because you had an issue with your keyboard.

If you accidentally destroyed whatever, just use a backup to restore the server to a state before the accident. You have at least 37 backups in your server “save” folder to use which cover more than 3 hours in 5 min intervals. Not to mention that if you are running a server, you should be doing regular backups for exactly situations like this one when things went terribly wrong.


This made me laugh

After using it again to try and destroy a foundation that was stuck in the ground I stand behind this. This is HORRIBLY BROKEN. It’s supposed to destroy one item with one press. But they also have it set to destroy everything around you with multiple presses. I tested it on other stuff before doing it. Walked away from that stuff, gave it a second and then pressed it a single time to destroy the one foundation at my new base I had just rebuilt… blew up half of it and killed a named thrall I just got finished. PLEASE Funcom, fix this and make better admin commands.

Use shift+delete to destroy a single piece or simply interact with it and destroy it normally. Shift+control+delete, as you have figured out already, is for mass destruction …


What Narelle said.

Since you are running a private server, you are also able to restore backup saves. There are a multitude of ways to avoid this, there isn’t anything “broken” here.


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