Admin Issue: SHIFT+DELETE permanently removes Altars (Bat/Chaos) and Forges (Frost/Volcanic)

Game mode: Online private & Single-player
Type of issue: Bug

In both SP and MP, these pre-existing structures can be removed from the save data forever if someone with admin access accidentally (or deliberately) deletes them. Because these are special persistent objects saved between sessions, restarting the game or server won’t replace them

Please be careful how you fix this one… some people use mods to allow new Forges to be placed in the world. Only the ones pre-placed in the game should be immune to removal. :slight_smile: Otherwise the poor people using that mod could get stuck perma-Forges all over their servers that can’t be admin deleted, dismantled, picked up or anything.

EDIT: For your convenience, I examined Multigun’s Frost and Volcanic Placeable Forge mod to see if preventing their removal might cause a serious issue for its users.

If it enabled users to place copies of the original Forge actors, this could have been a huge headache for some of the mod’s 5,000 subscribers, since they could then be unremovable and persist in the world even if the mod was removed. Fortunately this is not the case; the mod creates new actor classes for the craftable forges. So any special handling added to prevent their removal shouldn’t create a nightmare for mod users, unless there’s more mods that let you place these that I don’t know about.

Carry on! :slight_smile:

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced.

  1. Become an admin in an SP game or an MP test server (would not advise testing this in public/officials).
  2. Teleport yourself to the Altar of Chaosmouth by console: teleportplayer -60600 29500 700
  3. Aim at the Altar and press Shift+Delete.
  4. Achievement Unlocked: Bermuda Triangle

With all due respect this should be mod authors’ concern and not Funcom’s.

That is their decision to make, friend; what the company should or should not concern itself with isn’t for you to decide for them.

Mods can’t always fix everything, and it is completely reasonable to expect that a company that chose to provide mod support for this game might consider spending a few extra minutes adding some an extra condition to their new code while they’re working on it, instead of having to come back to it again later to address frustrated complaints from players stuck with unremovable structures.

Hey @Daedalon

Thanks for the heads-up, we’ll send note to our team.

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