ADMIN NEEDED IN SERVER #1941 PVE-C hacker/griefer

WE NEED A ADMIN ASAP Theres two player that are very toxic behavior to female players and others too they built in the volcano obelisk block access to anybody and expanding it intention on no one getting into volcano and new asagarth they are not from same clan but they are both working together they are server #1941 PVE-C and their plan is to block all major boss fight their name are Legerpccompany and pwny they are very toxic people HELP!!!


this is why I play on a pvp server. chances of an admin actually doing anything about this is slim to none, sorry friend.

sadly I been planning on doing that I haven’t found a chill back server

check out official pvp 1880 pretty large population, most people pretty chill, some raiding happens sure but there are some bigger tribes on there that prevent people from griefing lowbies.

thanks ill check it out

I’m on Server 1941 also, and i can say this is happeneing 100% and players have left in droves this is bad for this game,.Funcom better wake up or no one will be playing this game very shortly becuase of a handfull of players that think its funny to ruin the game of others.


I spent over 400 hours on this server and i am a good witness of this major problem.

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