Admin panel- spawning NPCs (no behavior)


Ive been playing this since back in early access but finally got around to futzing with the admin panel

I hav a dedicated server, I login as admin in the game, access admin panel; I can spawn NPCs but from what I can tell theres supposed to be two dropdown boxes that sets their behavior and human faction. I have neither of these drop-down boxes

I have no mods at all

Was functionality removed? Bugged? Any advice? thx

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such tabs.

I’ve never seen anything like what you’re describing either. I have to assume you got the idea from watching a video of someone else, it’s possible they were the one using mods (Pippi is common).

Those drop downs have been missing for a long long time and I’m not certain they ever actually did anything.

Aggression of NPCs is determined by their community number. Its been this way for several years now.

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