Admin panel thrall spawn broken

The chests were probably an easy fix. The other things broken in recent patches are likely more developed problems.

That said, it is less than pleasant to see two hotfixes for the chests with no update on bugs that actually impact playability or deactivated features.


Ehy Funcom please read and do action. I have buy your game and all DLC, I rented 3 server on G portal and we are 1 Month without possibility spawn NPC.
Are you serious? It’s a joke for you?
We are customer, player and real people, not a words in a screen.
Please fix it asap.

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Hey everybody,

This issue has been fixed in Testlive and present in the 2.6a patchnotes available here:

In particular:

There’s no ETA on when this update will be released live and on consoles, but it generally is 3-4 weeks since its release on Testlive.


Also orb of Nergal is fixed in 2.6?

some = all

Thank you for the update!

Testlive 2.6b addresses any remaining issues with NPC spawning from the admin panel on consoles, as well as the Orb of Nergal controller bug.

Notes in the link above :point_up:


Thanks @Ignasi for the Update.

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Thrall spawn in Admin Panel Issue is not fixed with update from last 2 days.
The Name-List Window is still empty


more than a month to fix a bug… could have a small update just to fix it, not counting communication with the community

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Ugh… Wish I had known and read this stuff earlier in the day BEFORE I had rented my first server.

Time to start thrall hunting I guess. :chains:

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I’m sure this has been reported and quite frankly one of the biggest issues for Private servers, when are you going to fix the admin panel? or any of the other several 100’s of other bugs in this game, some communication please before you go off on another holiday, would be nice…


Isn’t there anyway we could get a hot fix for consoles tho?

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Not for another couple of months.

Funcom is a company that truly elevates incompetence to an art form.

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not to mention how incredible the communication is, not updating us about the process, not even a date, a small update would be great news.

The community team is in damned if they do damned if they don’t.
Once a bug fix is finished internally, it’s just awaiting release. If it’s being packaged with a larger update, that’s going to irritate a fair number of players who will see it as being deliberately delayed. Until recently, I would have disagreed and cited the certification process amongst other concerns as to why hotfixes rarely hit consoles…

But then we had the rapid fire legendary chest hotfixes.
That was, in my opinion, a mistake. It alerted the player base that hotfixes for console are a thing and if the first one doesn’t get the desired response, another one can drop in just a week.

I’m fairly certain the toggles and controls for how to open chests is a more basic issue than the current issue with the Admin Panel and Perpetual Loading Screens… and Rubber Banding/Rendering issues… and Thrall pathing leading to ledge jumping… ect.
The chest fix may also have been very similar across all platforms, which makes it much faster.

Regardless of all that, the optics are very bad. A comparative non-problem that was very recent gets two hotfixes while long term issues, some of which render the game nearly unplayable for some users, others which noticably impact playable and consistency of game experience, are being bundled with a larger update later… The illusion it creates about priorities isn’t a pleasant one.

However, to the meat of the matter, and this is a point of curiosity on my part…
Do people tend to prefer regular, say, weekly updates, even if they are just a list of bugs and features and their current status (even if that status is unchanged from last week) or only having updates when there is something new?

Would a sticky of Known Bugs and their Status be utile? I’ve seen that on a few forums.


The short answer to both of your questions is probably “yes”. People usually do prefer micro updates because it makes them feel like they are being listened to and their concerns are being addressed. As for the futility of a complete listing of all known bugs, most of what makes it onto the forum are just the tip of the iceberg, the really bad or irritating ones. This is due in part to the fact that so many of the bugs and glitches are very inconsistent between platforms and even individual players, which makes them very hard to track down.


The only thing I know, I have been without a panel for a month and people are leaving the server, because we cannot make events, or replace slaves, and the worst thing is that I paid the server 4 days before the update.

Will we have any remuneration for the affected admins? I doubt it

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Hey all,

This issue should now be fixed with Update 2.6.

We’ll proceed to close the thread but if you experience any similar issue after the update, please feel free to send us a new report.

Thanks for the feedback and patience.