Admin players above level 60 on XBOX G-Portal Server?

As an admin on an XBOX G-Portal server, is there a way to admin another player to a level beyond level 60 or grants bonus feats?

I know on the PC version there are mods that allow advancement beyond level 60, but I was wondering as I cannot see any way through the in-game admin panel.

It would be nice if there was a server selection that allowed admins to grant access above level 60.

@Valkyrja I have a private ps4 server. U can type in level 80 and still be a level 60 .however you can increase carry capacity and points toward skills weapon making building etc… but not towards vitality or strength agility.

My question is can I alter another player on the server? I know I can make changes to my player. Even if the stats do not change even having more feat points would be an improvement.

If there is a way to change another player’s feat points, where/how is it updated?

I have given another player admin to do it. U can always change password after.

That would be the only way I know of

That is what I am trying to avoid. I want to be the gate keeper to keep all players on equal ground.

That is a worthy goal. Have given admin to the wrong person before ooooopps

If you find out let me know ty.

I will.

If you want to give another player more feats points, give him 1 or more Tablet of Power. Each gives 60 feats points. With the admin panel they’re easy to spawn even if you didn’t learn the Library of Esoteric Artefacts.


Awesome. That is a good idea.

That is a great idea. Ty

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