Admin Question about server transfers

What happens if someone transfers in breaks the rules and gets banned. What happens to ther toon do they have to wait out the cool down from the transfer is the data lost. Because I do get people coming to my server breaking rules on purpose just to be jerks so I ban them.

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And as a after thought can there be a red flag added to player’s whom have been kicked so if they have one red flag okay might be okay but five means there trouble. Something like that.

From what I understand so far, if they transfer to a server and get banned before transferring off, they lost the character. Assuming its a permanent ban.

As for your second post, I doubt Funcom will touch that one with a 10ft pole. I wouldn’t mind a sort of ‘server history’ thing but that requires a database on the Funcom Services thing and I don’t think they are going to do this.

Then you have bad admins banning good players giving marks they don’t deserve. Or more commonly players and admins just not seeing eye to eye that results in a ban. Some players have better fits in other communities. And they shouldn’t have a mark that follows them just because they had a personality conflict.


That’s what me and some of the admins I know have been talking about and you are right. There are even toxic servers where some little turds would ban people just to give them red flags and there are some people that would clan up just to red flag a server to. But I do think the tier system they talked about would keep some bad player’s away from the good private servers

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