Admin Rights and War

I have a suggestion since admin are begging you guys to limit base sizes. How about Turning off admin rights automatically during raids and Events?? I have watched admin use their admin power to win events or beat another player in a War. It happens they don’t need admin rights during wars.

Never play on private servers mate. Using the admin panel in raid times is even the least they can do,

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You are right there. But everyone in the world is not crooked. Also turn them off on rented servers.

Just no! If you are not comfortable with the admin on a server you should move on to an official server. I’m paying a good amount of money for my rented server. You want to disable my admin panel during wars/raids, do you want to pay for my server ? I decide when i use the admin panel (which is only for star metal and arena events at the moment) and not you.

As i mentioned at the beginning, if someone abuses that power move to an official server or join a community on a private server where admins not using their power during raids/wars or whatever.

No offence here but you want to remove admin rights or admin panel from a server owner is beyond ridiculous.

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The issue I see with removing the admin panel from those of us that pay during the war times is that if someone loses something and the admins are not crooked then the ones that need the item(s) replaced are screwed. In my book being my own server owner that if my people do not trust me to use my admin rights as the SERVER OWNER then they do not need to be on my server. Removing those rights when we pay or have our own dedicated server is not right and should never be allowed to happen. You take the chance when playing on a non-official server to get crooked admins during pvp not ALL are bad and not everyone should be punished.


Well said :slight_smile:

I am not talking about the OWNER. I am talking about the moderators.