Administration tool

hi… I am running a private server and every day I wish for better administration tool…
for an example:

  • list ALL players on and offline and the ability to alter the data (name,guildname,rank,guildownership) or delete the character and its property
  • Admin access to every players property
    -reliable ability to watch trough players eyes to investigate cheating
    -access a log of when players have been last online
    -run a clean and repair tool to make sure of the integrity of the game files (on rented server for an example)
    -report players that are under heavy suspicion to be cheating and / or using scripts
    -the ability to build for players to give a tutorial in building
    -a tool that can warn the admin of excessive server loads
    -a tool to show all players/buildings position on the map
    -the ability to assign the ownership of buildings and property to different players
    -a log of players online at the time of a server crash
    -a log of scripts that might have been run
    -admin access to every players event log
    -admin access to a server event log (who killed who - who raided what building ) with time stamp

all this would enable every admin to do a more efficient job and take a lot of stress of the administration and execution of the individual server rules…

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