AdnyPlz emote typo intentional?


@andyb just uploaded a bunch of new emotes, the first of which is :adnyplz: which seems to be an argyle sockpuppet? So, is the typo adny intentional due to some inside joke? Also, why a sock puppet?

If so I’d love to hear the story behind it. If not … :lumie: :lumie: :lumie:


It’s 100% intentional.

Adnyplz is a commonly recognized term that Funcom uses to identify Andy B. I can’t claim to know the original etymology, but I certainly use it in and out of office regularly.

With regards to the emote itself, I’m 80% sure that Adny drew it himself.


Required reading


You might say… this is fine.


I don’t have a bigger version saved, but it’s a long creature head. He was using it on twitter for a while, and I believe drew it after mention of “the argyle chupacabra” (though I confess I do not recall why that particular moniker came up).