Advance sign up sheet for dungeons

Perhaps this has been suggested before but what about an advanced sign up sheet for specific popular dungeons to start at specific times so that groups can be gathered quickly making the most of players’ online time. They do this on other MMOs I think. and would eliminate the waiting around.

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This is an excellent idea! Many people have limited game time and if we knew when a specific raid or dungeon was it would really help. With PvP sieges we know at least when it might occur even if no one shows up. This could be done with pve perhaps

For raids guilds and oprs do that using raidplaners or ingame botsignups.
For dungeons I think you mean something else, a kind of ingame queue like for minigames?

I was thinking more like an ingame calendar that any player can book a slot say a week in advance to run a particular dungeon and being the leader can pick and choose their team over the week. So all you need to do is look to see how many runs are scheduled for the same time and whether it is an open, purist or hm. Prior to the scheduled time of the run you could look up strategies armour levels required. Sure it would take some of the unknowns out of it but it would result in fewer wipes. A similar method could be applied to raids except there 4 group leaders would just combine their teams to the same time slot.