Advanced Admin Panel

More advanced admin panel.

One example being a refer to the mod called Pippi’s.

But one MAJOR I think is very important. A scaler like XP & other stuff for Boss Drop’s like in Unamed City & such.

Thanks for reading.

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And Ability to Type Values in. (Consoles) Since we have only Slider for some values, and they jump over large values. (which was fix for super ultra slow slider trying go over 100,000+ clicks)


You mean that you would like to affect the rng of the game from the admin panel?

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yes if somthing is having a 2% drop u could increase drop by lets say 20% or so

some goes for a t4 spawner maybe :slight_smile:

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I think there is a mod for tier 4 spawns main.
This blade has two edges…
Sometimes difficult is better, for me it’s surely better, when I participate in easy servers, I get bored easy too, think about it…

Having more ways to adapt your game to your own playstyle (whether single player or private server admins) is always a win for the community.

For example, right now, I’m playing a difficult game: My XP gain is only .3 and both food and water require twice the normal rate. Its very slow going and it really helps me appreciate my progress (and each of the levels). On the normal rates, I can reach level 60 in three days at a casual pace (faster if I speed level), but with these slower rates, I’ve been playing all last week and these past few days and only gotten to level 27. And the “survival” aspects are much more pronounced (food and water are actually a bit of an issue now). I’m really enjoying being able to play Conan Exiles “my way.”


This one would also like more items added to the Admin panel… or at least the server settings menu.
Especially something to toggle building exclusion zones.

While “there are mods for that”, there are also a majority of players on Consoles.

On a personal level, a much desired QoL.

Oh, and to add, the ability to increase Purge difficulty even more would be great, too. Being able to set Purges to “human only” would be nice as well.

Its not for officials its for own server & private servers

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Oh I know…
How could you use mods in officials anyway?
The last year’s I 've been invited or joined hundreds of private servers, 70%on pvp, 10%pveand 20%pvec. Tho it starts cool, I love the admins, we spend beautiful time speaking or do things together, in a week I suddenly don’t feel like I want to join again because the servers are so easy that most in a week you have, or you feel like there’s nothing to do anymore :man_shrugging:.
If rng is 20% then in a week i’ll literally have nothing to do in the game.
Trust me, I don’t say that I love rng, in Siptah is tiresome, some things must go out of the rng process, yet it’s what’s keeping you in the game, gives you goal.
2 side blade, think of it more :wink:

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I do think a possibility to add this for pvp private servers r good

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On this I agree 100%, pvp needs less pve, so yes :+1:t6:.

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