Advanced Building Options & New Blocks

Can we please have fewer building restrictions and more options in order to create a wider variety of builds?

For example:

  • The ability to place wall faces underneath ceiling tiles. This way we do not have to see the supports underneath. It does not match the walls that you have built in the area and really kind of offsets things. Just as you can place any wall over the side of a foundation.

  • The ability to place a wall covering directly under a staircase to hide what is underneath instead of having to “box it in”.

  • The ability to place different walls or foundation blocks over other types. Such as being able to place a wedge foundation on top of a square foundation. This will allow a wider variety of build options. Or removing the restriction that keeps us from basically building things the way we want.

  • Adding wedge pillars to the game so that we can place them under wedge platforms. Currently, we are unable to properly support wedge foundations (as far as matching).

  • The ability to remove blocks that have been accidentally placed within rocks or other inaccessible locations. I can’t tell you how many times I have placed a foundation in a rock face and later I came back through and redid my base only to find out I can’t line up my foundations because it doesn’t line up with the block inside the rock.

  • Upside down center wedge walls (inverted wall caps technically). We have the option to place sloping and inverted sloping walls, but not centered walls. For instance, a wall that has two inverted sloping walls coming together in the middle at the top as well as the same thing on the bottom (upside down wall caps but placed directly on top of a foundation). Perhaps even a diamond-shaped wall with four sloping edges.

  • A pyramid capstone (rooftop cap) in all types. Why is there no ability to place a converging capstone in sandstone? We have everything we need to build pyramids in sandstone except this very important piece…

  • Sandstone stairs with a rail. This is an option with other stair types but not sandstone for some reason.

  • The ability to color blocks or a wider variety of stones. I love the look of black ice blocks but I do not like the black ice sticking out of it nor do I like the spikes sticking out of other blocks. I am a simple kind of guy who just likes the look of a smooth stone. The same principle applies to fences. I do not like the spikes or whatever in front of fences. On a single-player game some times there is no need for a defensive fence. At that point simply having a smooth fence face would be more appealing.

  • The ability to add a wall covering on the backside of any fence. Similar to foundations but not a full wall. Just enough to cover the backside of the fence itself.

  • The ability to connect wedge foundations with square foundations. Not sure how this can be done but if it is possible to have a fill option that would be wonderful! For instance, you can currently place a square foundation under you and then a wedge foundation in front of that (north), but if you put down a wedge foundation next to a square one (west or east) you can longer place another square foundation anywhere next to a wedge (west or east) and have the ability to connect a square next to that down the line. This is very restrictive.

  • The ability to create custom blocks. For instance, center a square foundation on top of another square foundation and shrink it. This would create a pyramid style look. The same ability but the option to place that small foundation on any corner.

I cannot think of any more options but I think you get the idea. This game is basically perfect in my opinion and it is my favorite game but I do not feel like I have very many options when it comes to building. I know that isn’t really the focus of this game but it sure would greatly increase the fun of this game because players would play a game for long hours just building new things.

Thank you for your time and your consideration! :slight_smile:


The building system in CE is one of my favorite features, as such I’m always hopeful for improvements / new blocks.

Not likely to be “walls” per say, but I would agree a way to cover up the supports. Perhaps renaming Ceiling Tiles to Floor Tiles (and allowing them to be placed on Foundations of the same type, ie: wedge to wedge) and adding a new building block more accurately named Ceiling Tiles to attach to the underside of the Floor Tiles.


Although this would lead to some crazy designs, I’m not a fan. I’d rather have new building blocks to achieve this (ie: semicircle walls). Not to mention the havoc it would cause with stability and overlap.

I like this! While not game breaking, having Wedge, Cylinder, and Square pillars for each build set would be aesthetically pleasing.

If you can place it, you can remove it. The issue is finding that 1px you need to target…

I’ve personally never had the need for this, but it does make sense to have.

YES, need this! -And on the subject of rooftop caps, a Wedge Rooftop Cap (tetrahedron) would be appreciated. Recently I’ve been playing with some builds that I only have to option to complete the roof with a Wedge Ceiling

Coloring Blocks doesn’t seem likely or efficient, rather I’d hope for more building block styles in future DLCs - I would push for T1 and T2 skins as well as T3!

YES! (similar to Ceiling Tiles / Floor Tiles) Also, Fence Right / Left Ends or Fence End Caps

Personally, I enjoy the Triangle and Square jigsaw puzzle, I don’t see a need for a “fill option”, rather play around with placing the blocks - there are plenty of unique designs, especially when you expand a build vertically.

Awesome article!

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