Advanced Melee Combos

First of all, I am glad that the game has fixed the possibility of interrupting the impact animation (and many other flaws related to this problem). But nevertheless, I lack some options for controlling melee weapons and I want to offer the option that I think is the most interesting and comfortable for the game.

The most striking example of insufficient gun control is the gladius. The first attack, regardless of the type used, will stab, and the second will chop. Although in some situations I only need to use chopping ones.
Therefore, to improve the manageability, I suggest the following.

  1. Change the destination of “Left Mouse button” (LMB) and “Right mouse button” (RMB).
    Wide attacks with a large area of destruction. Allows you to deal damage to most nearby targets or to a single mobile target.
    Attacks with an increased distance, but with a reduced radius. Designed for a targeted strike.
  2. Add an attack modifier, depending on the way you click.
    Enhanced attack (long press). Increases the animation time before the hit animation, requires more stamina, but has increased damage.
    Accelerated attack (double click). Increased animation speed, but reduced damage is dealt.
    (Thus, we are not held hostage by animation and can influence the duel with the help of tactics.)

I find it necessary to expand the damage mechanics (no damage). Currently, some weapons are immune to attack interruptions, regardless of the source of the damage.
Each weapon type must have a value of " Stability “and"Stability Damage”. Different animations should have bonuses or penalties for these values.
When taking damage, the “Stability” value is reduced by the" Stability Damage " value of the opponent. If the value “Stability” is <=0, then the attack animation stops.
Additional mechanics. If the value is “Stability”, after receiving damage <=50% (for example), in this case, until the next attack, a penalty is awarded - “Slowing down the animation” and “Reducing the damage inflicted”.
Large creatures (Rhinos, Dragons, etc.) must have the highest w"Stability damage".

Addition. I find it necessary to calibrate the animations of different beats in such a way that it is more comfortable to play. At the moment, the choice of weapon type is limited to a small circle. Why take a one-handed sword if there is a faster axe?

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I agree, we need short and accurate attacks. Swirling combinations do not please any of the players I asked, after all, we are barbarians in the wild world, not ballerinas :slight_smile: Of course, you need to maintain some inertia of the weapon, which will allow the attacks to be realistic and at the same time prevent the use of rope interrupts. But this inertia should not be exorbitant, as in the stabbing blow with a sword now or in the chopping with a dart (which is not intended for chopping at all), when after performing this blow we stand in a heroic position and cannot evade the enemy’s flying blow for almost two seconds, which is disastrously long in battle. Thus, the ideal (in my opinion) would be a combat system similar to Dark Souls :slight_smile:


DS also has its own problems, in this game, weapons are held hostage by animation and timings.
I would like to see a fairer distribution of “power” in different weapons, but at the moment the most convenient weapon is a one-handed axe. Powerful axe attacks are immune to interrupts + all axe animations have a wide strike area and so using other weapons against the axe requires more skill. (I like to use a one-handed sword and a throwing axe in the other hand. It looks cool)

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