Advanced reinforcment Kit does not work

Game mode: Official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVE
Region: EU

Unable to modify with Advanced Reinforcment Kit: Glowing stick , Final breath of the Red Mother.


I feel your pain, Chillic. I regularly used the reinforcement kit on the glowing stick for the one real benefit it provided, underwater. If this is truly an error, not an intentional change, please revert.

I’m not as adamant about the final breath, since it lasts 168 hours to start with and can be repaired with legendary kits which are relatively cheap in the unnamed city.



Hey @ChilliC

Welcome to our community.
This is an intended change.
Thanks for your feedback.

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I wonder what the point is for changing it ?

Now we have to carry glow and bones with us all times.

The world is so dark it is almost impossible to get around in the night in some areas, and now FC have removed this from the glowing stick.

Any chance FC could reverse this for the glowing stick atleast ?
Hope FC listen to this.

Regards Chilli

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I can understand it for Red mother. But Glowing stick? Really…

Why do you destroy such mechanics? Whats the thought about such actions? What is it for?

Me too… Like what was the problem there? Fungone and not Funcom…

Hey Jim
As you can see they have replyed : It is an intended change :open_mouth:

I really don’t understand FC sometimes - What harm could it do, now we have to always carry glow and bones for not getting trapped in a too dark world.
If we do not have this stick with us all times we are unable to play when the night comes in some areas.
I really wish Funcom would listen :slight_smile:
Regards Chilli

Hey jot29

I really do not understand this change - as you said what’s the point ?

Hope many support to reverse this - no point change.

Regards Chilli

They will mostly not revert it… Someone Higher Up thought this is a good Idea…

But such things happens, when you switch the lead-roles, which FC did (to newer games).

So you get new things to farm with 1 patch, only that in the next patch it gets trashed… (sobek, annihilator).

Also the rushed release because of the DLC with close to 0 testing, as many things got released broken on testlive…

Whoever is the man/woman in chief of CE, is doing a really bad job…
But then again, they only look at their sales numbers, because that is all that counts.

Never had a game from Funcom before and probably will never have one after CE.

I want to have fun playing a game. Not lurking the forums to find hidden/strange mechanics (rounded heat/cold protection bars…) or why some thing changed massive/got nerfed, because some PvP whiners cannot adept.

And seeing how many things gets changed so massively, it still feels like Early Access/Beta game, as they have no clue what they are doing.

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Hey jot29

Me too I have never had a FC game before and I wont get another one - for sure.

There is so many bugs and no help to get. And did I mention the blockers etc that they won’t do anything about ?

The short one is I’m only here untill a company with more interest in the users oppinion and with the muscle to handle a mmo game :slight_smile: makes a similar game, they can handle.

In my almost 20 years of mmo gaming I have never experienced “this” -

I better stop now or - else they abandon me from Forums :smiley:

Regards Chilli


If your low-level lighting items would hold out for a loooong time, then you would not need to go out to get the Breath of the Red Mother or the Nightstalker Mask.
At least that is one way to look at it…

Its 20 vs 50 minutes at the glowing stick. Not 20minutes VS 50hours.

As I said, I can understand it for the red mother, as the time bonus was insane.

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A Legendary Weapon Repair Kit to repair the glowing stick is enouth to carry, Barbarians nowadays doesnt leave the house without some kits anyway. So one more for the stick isnt a big thing.

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