Advanced Riding Bug

Alot of people have a strange bug. Myself included.

Advanced Riding can’t be bought so when you click it doesn’t get applied for some reason. No effect. Like clicking in empty space. Since a Server Restart is coming i though of sharing the issue just in case.

Can confirm. Tried in Tarantia stables.
This is a major issue, hello Funcom? Hire a programmer - NOW!!!

  • if it is indeed 5 gold it may be subscriber only (in which case there should be some sign to let player know)

I remember that Advanced Riding is a lvl 80 skill available to anyone (Enables Basic Mount Charge/ Attacking abilities) and that’s why it’s below the gold cap 10g.

With subscription of course you unlock Exotic Creature Handling and Fast Mounts/ Rare/ Epic Tier plus Khitai Faction Mounts which of course have a different gold price starting from 12g for a saddle (Hyrkanian faction mount quest) etc.