Advanced Riding question

Advanced riding now can be used by any level character… But, it still requires Basic Riding, which has a restriction to level 40 and above. Characters below 40 cannot use Advanced Riding until level 40, after they have learned Basic.

Dont get me wrong, I completely appreciate the free advanced riding. But I think the whole needing Basic Riding was overlooked. I think removing the level 40 cap on the Basic would be a quick fix.

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Yeah! I’m bored with that. Why we can’t ride any mount at level 20? (not from OP store)

We currently have no plans to reduce the level requirement on Basic Riding. I apologize for not mentioning that in the announcement.


Thanks @AndyB for doing this at all… Don’t worry… some people just gonna keep complaining, but you did way more than necessary. Big Thanks!


even if they grant basic riding on lower than 40 I bet someone other will complain that cannot be used on uncreated toons haha


The new generation that wants everything and immediately (and once you give them something, they will bite off your hand) is atrocious.


Ok I’m usually on board for helping the little guy but getting level 40 before getting advanced riding really isn’t that big of a deal…


New generation? Im old player, since 2008… Some mechanics in the game are outdated, silly and too restrictive. Look at other MMOs
Some old views will not change. People are afraid of change for the better

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ok lets look. New MMO changes: World of Warcraft served everything on a platter, and BfA nearly wiped out the player base. The moment they started catering to their player base, and “making their life easy” it went downhill, when the “sense of pride and accomplishment” vanished.

Now Classic WoW comes out, and it breaks all records for Blizzard on success: where you had to work hard for you quests/char and travel, grind the shieet out of your first mount, reputation and no holding hands and no giving stuff for free - instant success.


Who would ever mark this relevant post as spam?!

Simplifying a game and making something easier to achieve is a sure way to downfall; though it may seem like a rise for a moment or two.

Again, Andy, make the cost of the mount 50 gold. We do not have to buy a blanket for a horse for 30 gold after all. 50 gold was a fine number when people actually started to play the game, gather groups for crafting recipes, AND craft. Those minor “improvement” steps will slowly but surely ruin every aspect of the game.

Again, Andy, please inform your supervisors that they should reconsider their moves!

First, they decrease the price on Khitan armor, promoting groups rather than raids; then, they add tokens for every raider who have participated and toss in raid-gear salesmen, thus making T1–T3 raids a rare occasion. Then, world bosses and raid finder, killing off the last shreds of sanity. Then, another stab in Conan’s back with Kuthchemes’ Defence of Pin-Pin quest… Now, this… Are we rolling back to socialism and communism? Soon, everyone will get his T4 armor for the sake of building the brighter future together?

Making the riding training cost 50 gold again will change nothing, crafting is useless because it’s boring and not worth the time since you get far more money from RF, you also get better gear from there. If RF were to be removed it would still not change anything because T1 - T2 gear is giving away by WB and if that was to be removed you would simply farm a few khitai normal modes (or get carried through HM) and get gear that is 100 times better anyway.

Seriously, that cost reduction for the riding training it the smallest issue the game has, no idea why people are fighting about this when the rest of the games progression is completely messed up with no way of changing it anymore.

And besides that: I for example never bought that riding training with gold anyway, a few months after the veteran tokens were introduced in 2009 (or was it 2010?) I already had so many of them that I had a fast horse once hitting level 80. So yeah, this was an (none-) “issue” long before that cost reduction.

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Yes 50 gold for the Adv. Riding Skill was fine when people started to play the game. Of course 100% of the pop had sub’s too without any gold cap so paying 50 gold wasn’t a problem.

These ‘minor improvement’ steps won’t ruin the game, but actually will help it. Just like introducing the F2p model into the game kept it going, lowering costs on these minor items that really have no effect on game play will give those that have to have such things a feel good effect and just might get them to hang around.